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Big Data for Law Collection

At CaseHunter's core is Legal Big Data. We have uniquely established relationships with courts, their people and systems and gather all court-related data on an on-going daily basis.

CaseHunter Data Analysis and Curation

CaseHunter then analyzes, cleans & prepares all this data so that we can find ways to align it with your marketing plan. We then work with you to customize the data even further to truly fit your needs.

ConversionEmail to Postal Mail

Your data is formatted to your specific standards and delivered to you on a recurring schedule. Now you are ready to launch your personalized direct mail marketing campaign.

New Clients. Quality. Easy.

CaseHunter provides a great Return On Investment (ROI), by allowing you to reach out to thousands of individuals in need of legal counsel.

Why Use CaseHunter?

Proven Data Experts

At our core, we live and breathe data. As such, we guarantee the quality and exclusivity of our case and court data. CaseHunter provides truly unique leads that the competition cannot provide, therefore significantly increasing your ROI. Wouldn't you prefer marketing to people who don't receive any advertisements from others?

No Saturation

We don't sell CaseHunter to anyone and everyone. We understand that by over-selling our service, we are only degrading the quality of our product and your ROI. Rest assured that the data we provide is almost always exclusive.


As your trusted marketing partner who provides the "fuel" to your business and marketing campaign, reliability is one of our core values. You can trust us to get you the data you need, on-time and always correct. Never worry about your data being delivered again, we are constantly on the job.

Affordable Pricing

We understand that you might be a startup law firm looking to maximize your investment or that you want to expand your firm with minimal risk. We get it. This is why we guarantee that you will be satisfied with the CaseHunter product and pricing structure.

One Size Does Not Fit All

Do you specialize in DUI traffic cases and want to receive information on only those cases? Do you want to target Plaintiffs who file Pro Se in the District Court? How about receiving cases that have trial dates at least a month away? CaseHunter allows you to receive only the information you want; nothing more.


Ultimately when you succeed, we succeed. Success heavily relies on the customer experience. We go above and beyond our duties to make sure we can do whatever we can to ensure your success. Whether it is special custom requests or test campaigns of new mailing lists, we will do what we can to enable a positive outcome.

Client Testimonials

CaseHunter has given us a great way to market ourselves to people without maximizing our advertising dollars.

- A. Guerami Law

Since we started using CaseHunter, we've increased our business significantly thanks to our Direct Mail marketing. Thanks CaseHunter!

- R.B. & Partners

This service is so easy for our office staff to use I can’t believe we ever did without it. The best thing about this service is how customizable it is.

- JM Legal Group
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